Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Oblation Papers

Website: OblationPapers.com
Location: Portland, Or
Services: Custom
Average Price: See Below
E-commerce: No
Pricing Details:

"Our wedding invitations start at $595 for 100 one color 5x7 invitations
on our handmade paper.
The minimum order is 25 quantity."

"For custom work we break pricing down into three cost categories: paper,
plates and press runs.
- we accept custom paper or we can quote the cost to use our handmade paper
- plates start at $35 and are based on size (up to $160 for an 8x10 plate)
- The first press run for 100 pieces costs $195 / additional press runs
(2nd color, printing on the reverse, etc.) are $95 for 100 pieces."

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