Monday, February 19, 2007

Port2Port Press

Location: Portland, Maine
Services: Custom and Pre-made
Average Prices: $21 for set of 5 cards
E-commerce: Yes- via Port2Port @ Etsy
Special Features: Port2Port offers a unique Card Society ($16-$134)
Pricing Breakdown:
-port2port press focuses on three areas:
limited editions {monthly cards & card sets made in small batches and sold online}
custom stationery {mix & match antique type used to make sets of cards with names, words, initials}
the card society {a unique card-of-the-month club}

-with regard to custom work --
i prefer small runs and i do not print other people's designs {mainly because i don't have the womanpower}.
p2p press is perfect for special dinner parties, birth announcements, business cards, hangtags and other runs under 200.
i charge a small design fee to design something special for you and then i print up the job.
custom jobs are priced in four phases: 1) design fee {varies} 2) artwork/plates {these range from $15-40 each; one is needed for each color} 3) paper/press time {depends entirely on how many colors and how large the run is but a range is $100-300 for the small runs i'm talking about} 4) shipping {this can get pricey if the paper gets heavy; i use USPS to ship}.

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